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this is one of my favorite parts real estate and nobody ever talks about it including me but we're gonna fix that right now hi there it's kevin award the founder of yes masters real estate success training helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life and today let's talk about how to give referral fees and get paid for it how to give out not referral fees how to give out referrals and how to get paid for giving out referrals and there's really seven things you need to do to do this successfully now this what's crazy is is that getting paid referral fees for successful referrals is one of the most profitable lucrative opportunities out there in the real estate market and we really don't talk about it very much and we really don't focus on it very much and consequently most real estate agents don't ever make much money from referrals and yet when you learn it and when you do it it's so beautiful because literally you just make a phone call and an email and a and a digital signature and then a couple more phone calls and you get paid and it's really the simplest way on the planet to make money in real estate the key is you got to set it up and do it right or you're not ever gonna get paid have you ever had a referral and had somebody in another city or another state or another town that was moving there or selling or buying and you referred them to another agent and nothing ever happened you never heard anything or they didn't use that agent they ended up going with a different agent that's happened to me so many times and so I used to I finally figured out how do you get this to actually work where you get paid and that's we're gonna talk about today so there are seven steps to getting paid when you send out a referral the first one and this is where it starts you don't do this you're gonna lose and here it is you've got to find the best find the best agent in that market wherever you're referring it to if you refer it to a sorry agent you're gonna get a sorry result and if you get a sorry result you don't get paid so make sure you find the best agent out there now how do you do that well here's how you do it if you are with a large brokerage a large company a large brand that has that brand that office at the same company offices in that market that you're doing it to one of the best things to do is call and ask to speak to the sales manager the team leader the broker of record whoever whoever runs that company because they there's no one that knows the agents and then off this better than the broker the manager the the person who leads the office so call and talk to that broker and you don't say hey I've got a referral who do you recommend because you never know who they're gonna recommend because sometimes they've got they've got a new agent that's really trying hard but hasn't had any...